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Channel Enablement 

Do you need to know how good your channel strategy really is, so you can focus resources in the right place? Are you trying to move up the value chain and need your partners to step up their game? Have you spent tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars training your channel, but still suspect that some are better than others?

Launching great new products and recruiting quality channel sales partners doesn’t mean you’ll capture a greater market share automatically. Success relies on enabling and energizing your resellers to be capable of selling successfully, stay focused, motivated, and enthusiastic; keeping them energized requires skill and stamina. Even your best resellers can take their foot off the gas once they start to earn a comfortable living from maintenance and service revenues. 

If your channel partners are not generating enough pipeline to meet your channel strategy and revenue goals, it’s time to work out why and what to do about it. 

Whether it’s a lack of product knowledge or low channel marketing activity, whether it’s a lack of sales skills, or lack of loyalty, our Channel Evaluation solutions will help you find out what’s wrong - and our Channel Enablement solutions support you in taking the appropriate action. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Manage your channel partners’ knowledge and skills more effectively: so that you know your channels capability levels and can drive targeted improvements to your channel sales.
  • Maintain and update content: to keep ahead of your competition. 
  • Quickly identify weaknesses: so you can move quickly to fix them. 
  • React more quickly to changes in the market: with rapid and effective delivery.
  • Revitalize the channel strategy with a new sense of purpose and hunger for success.
  • Get the best from each reseller by letting us unlock their potential. 
  • Trust us to ‘get things done’. We’ll work out what it takes, and then do it, so you’re free to focus on higher functions. 

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