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Channel Services 

Do you have an existing channel that was performing well but has begun to stagnate? Or do you simply need to build a new one to seize a market opportunity? Are you finding it hard to recruit new resellers that actually deliver revenue?  

EIMS is a channel services agency; we evaluate channels, help design channel strategy, we build channels, we energise channels, and we deliver highly-effective Channel Management to manage channels. Our processes and programs cut through all the usual barriers to getting an effective channel and deliver on-going, quality business.

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We enable our clients to improve their channel strategy at every stage of its maturity, from evaluating where improvements can be made, to actually making them. We can support with tactical Channel Partner Recruitment drives, improve Channel Enablement, feed partners with high quality IT sales leads, support them in getting Partner Marketing done or, if needed, implement entirely outsourced Channel Management programs. We can help build incentive programs that drive the behaviours you need from your channel partners as well as provide the systems infrastructure to support effective partner engagement. In short, if it’s a channel problem you’re trying to solve then we can probably help!

EIMS supports over 30 languages ‘always on’ giving our customers the power and reach to implement channel initiatives globally. At EIMS there is no bureaucracy, and no waste; just channel programs implemented smoothly across all geographies and partners which means you get more done with your partners on time and within budget whilst delivering consistently outstanding results. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Create a more successful channel: Leverage EIMS’ unique blend of Channel, IT Lead Generation and Channel Sales expertise.
  • Bring your channel program up to date: Use benchmarking to discover what you have to do to be more attractive than your competition.
  • Take market share from your competitors: Embrace the optimum go-to-market strategies, Best Practices and tools.
  • Break open new geos: Utilise EIMS’ powerful language coverage to expand into new geo’s with our Global Channel Partner Recruitment & Channel Management programs. 
  • Drive consistently high quality partner marketing: Get MDF [Marketing Development Funds] spent on time and spent in a way that delivers you a demonstrable ROI.

For more details about our Channel Services Contact us or read more about the services that most meets your needs.  

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