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Channel Management

Are you struggling to find a cost effective channel management strategy for your lower tier partners? Do you want to drive more loyalty and faster growth within your wider base? Do you struggle to get a consistent and accurate channel sales forecast from your partners? Has your channel’s growth stagnated? EIMS Channel Management can fill the gap and drive growth in your channel.

Hear how we've successfully helped D-Link reach out to their wider partner base in the channel:


For more information on this case study, please click here to request a copy.

EIMS can supply the expertise and energy you need to energize your channel strategy, and take responsibility for driving growth with your partners. Dedicated resources will work alongside your resellers, providing the vital liaison and reporting to keep them focused on closing deals with their end-users. Our depth of experience and our slick, well-practiced processes mean that we can pick up on all the little details that might make your partners fail, and turn it into a success. Because we mix highly capable people with well tested channel engagement processes and lower cost communication methods [i.e. web, phone, and video] our Lead Generation services are highly cost-effective and yield impressive results even in the highly competitive, price-sensitive SMB marketplace. 

Our high-touch, low-cost and high-growth strategy, Channel Energiser™, is a successful, measurable, scalable and affordable means of reguarly engaging with your lower tier.  We evaluate your channel partners to establish which hold the most promising potential for growth and which are aligned with your business goals. We help the partners understand how to build and progress their business, removing any barriers to success and capturing pipeline along the way. Our team of highly trained, passionate professionals contact with your partners regularly on your behalf, so you don’t have to. The end result means we can help you achieve a happier, more active, more secure channel, delivering predictable growth. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Show your lower tier channel partners you care, and motivate them to give you more in return, by supporting them with the personal touch. Win improved channel loyalty away from your competitors!
  • Get more from each reseller by letting us unlock their potential. We’ll provide the people to answer their queries, help them with sales presentations, connect them through to the right people in your organization, and escalate through the right channels when things go wrong.
  • Focus your field channel managers; outsource the channel management of lower tier partners, so that your expensive field channel managers can have a deeper, more business-like relationship with your most important partners. Engage us to drive double digit growth with the wider base!
  • Revitalize the channel strategy with a new sense of purpose and hunger for success.
  • Maximize reseller take-up of your channel programs to boost sales leads.
  • Scale up and improve effectiveness: Let us turbo-charge your partner performance by setting targets, prioritizing activities and helping them set up and manage campaigns. We’ll hand-hold your partners as required until they’re competent including driving the execution of lower-cost forms of lead generation such as helping your partners to run regular e-mail blasts to build their own pipeline. 

Our success will be measured on delivering you an agreed percentage of growth for the segment of channel partners that we manage, providing you confidence that what we deliver will be truly incremental revenue. 

Contact us for more details about this service or browse the rest of our website to understand more about how EIMS’ outsourced  IT marketing services can help you drive even faster growth.  Examples can be found in Channel Event Management, Channel Lead Generation and Partner Marketing.

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