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Channel Sales Training

Do you need your channel to move from a product push sale to a value based sale? Do your partners rely too heavily on a discount based sale? Are you leaking margin as a result? Do you suspect your hard won leads are going to waste due to inconsistent sales capabilities within your reseller community?

If you are a vendor looking to do something different with your channel in order to get the edge on your competitors, then the EIMS/Seven V channel sales training program could be a highly effective way to stand out from the crowd.
Every vendor offers some form of online, product focussed training to their channel partners and that certainly has its place. They may even do partner sales or call out days to stimulate immediate sales uplifts. However, how many vendors have taken the bold step of offering proper sales training as an option on which to spend partner development funds? Yet how much lead generation budget goes to waste though mishandled opportunities due to inconsistent sales capability within the reseller community?
Find out how EIMS partner Seven V have helped ANS to elevate results for their sales team with Dare to be Different™ , Channel Sales Training:


Packages & Options Available:

  • Dare to be Different  - These large seminars are designed and delivered in a live interactive style to create a high impact in connection with attitude, behaviours and techniques to energise your resellers sales people and channel on mass and gain positive brand visibility in the market.
  • Intimate Reseller Sales Training Days - Focussing on the skills and techniques with topics ranging from effective appointment making to negotiation skills. Working on the most challenging of sales engagements, Seven V will not only explain technique but will demonstrate live on speaker phone – in effect bringing the real world into the classroom.
  • Program Management - Helps you turn training into a managed, on-going, improvement program. Imagine sales training as a managed road-show!
  • People Development & Capabilities Assessment Portal - Until you understand what world class is for your people and what their current capability levels are how can you achieve it? This bespoke technology and software allows business leaders to assess the capability of their operation and individual’s to align their coaching, training and mentoring efforts in specific areas to gain maximum return. Providing a lasting framework of what to work on and how to improve it.

Key Benefits:

  • Protect and win more margin.
  • Transform your channel reseller’s sales team from product based sales to a value based sale.
  • Stand out from the crowd with sales behaviours & techniques based reseller training program.
  • Drive a level of loyalty and partnership with your partner community that is way beyond a traditional vendor-reseller relationship.
  • Impact your brand positively.
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