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Integrated Social Media

How active are your partners in social media? And how integrated is your social media strategy with that of your channels? How much online presence do your partners have? And how much of that ‘air-time’ is dedicated to your products and services? Do you actively push relevant content to your partners? And is that content appropriate for creating a positive social media brand?
The purpose of EIMS social media services is to help vendors maximize their social reach in the channel in a cost effective and practical way. We make getting started with social media easy and ultimately profitable whether you want to communicate more effectively to your partner community or support them in kick starting their own social media strategy.
Vendors that combine a clear social brand with a well thought through, scientific approach to their social media strategy will win a significant advantage over their competitors. Below are three example social media services:
  • Get started™ with Social Media- provides practical workshops for partners to help them develop and implement a social media strategy. A great alternative use for MDF spend rather than the ‘same old’ marketing campaigns.
  • Audience Accelerator™ focuses on identifying and building high quality social communities for your chosen social platforms.
  • Content Manager™ - ongoing content management for your social media activity.
Once you have a live and active social media strategy that’s delivering plenty of interaction, the next challenge is how to manage, route and track all those ‘hand raisers’! That’s where EIMS Response Management services can help you ensure smooth, timely and high-quality follow up occurs. Ultimately ensuring you get a demonstrable ROI and your prospects get a positive first experience.
For more information contact us at enquiries@eims.biz, call us on +44 1202 555533 or alternatively tweet us at @EIMSltd.
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