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Channel Partner Recruitment

Are you finding it harder to identify, attract and engage the best VARs and channel partners in the marketplace? When you do find them, is it difficult to recruit them and keep them loyal? 

Today, vendors like you must compete for the attention of premier-league resellers. But why should these top VARs devote their time to listening to your business proposition? Gone are the days when VARs queued at your door just because you had the best product, the best price or offered the best margins.

With EIMS, you can ensure that the ideal VARs will hear the right message in the correct language and via the most effective medium. Our global experience enables you to benefit from a targeted and cost-effective Partner Recruitment strategy to drive up reseller quality.

We’ll identify, profile, and qualify your best potential channel partners, win them over with your business proposition, qualify their suitability and then pass them to your Channel Manager or your Outsourced Channel Management team, ready for on-boarding and Channel Enablement.  

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Unique depth of knowledge: We have access to a database of over 200,000 VARs Globally. This data contains in-depth profiling information found nowhere else. We can profile and identify suitable targets for your channel partner recruitment strategy using desk research and unparalleled industry experience. 
  • Fast-track sales growth: We’ll identify VARs who sell products that complement your proposition, providing a ready-made, highly-qualified sales-force, with a fast-track route to market.
  • Become more attractive to partners: We’ll help fine-tune your business proposition beyond products, margins and programs, into a winning and compelling pitch that shows the VAR how they’ll make more money working with you.
  • We’ll take the strain: We take responsibility for making it work. If you want us to help you, we’ll make the proposition even more compelling by providing a helping hand to take the VAR from initial sale to self-sufficiency, with real, practical advice and assistance on a day-to-day basis.
  • Fast-track and high quality: We’ll qualify interested VARs by assessing the suitability of their business and client base, and their capabilities in channel sales, engineering, project management and support. Once qualified, we’ll pass VARs to your Channel Manager to close the deal and register the VAR or take it all the way to close if you wish.
  • On-going support: Once the deal is done, we can provide on-going assistance to ensure the VAR fulfils its potential with our Channel Enablement, Channel Lead Generation and Channel Management services. 

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