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Partner Marketing

You’ve got great products, you’ve got a channel but still the results are lower than you expected. The opportunity to sell your proposition and close deals will be wasted if your channel marketing partners lack the time, resources, or energy to make it happen. Even your best marketing campaigns will falter if your channel partners don’t engage in the process, and follow-through on campaigns.

Sometimes there’s no substitute for the personal touch to get your channel partners engaged, but a high-touch approach can’t be cost-effective for hundreds or even thousands of SMB partners - can it? Yes it can! EIMS can solve the problem with highly-refined, efficient partner marketing services and systems that work effectively - even in SMB. Our partner marketing specialists will help you design channel marketing packages that make sense for you and your partners and then support you in making sure your joint-marketing campaigns deliver. Our online Partner Storefront makes it super-easy for partners to order campaigns and our online reporting means you always know exactly where you stand with your partner marketing. 

We’ll work alongside your partners’ sales teams, acting like their in-house IT marketing person to get things done, in addition to providing the vital liaison and reporting to keep them focused on closing sales leads. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Maximize sales from every marketing campaign: Get MDF spent on time and spent well!
  • Make the most of your investment in joint-marketing infrastructure: Drive up usage of your partner portal, and collateral.
  • Position packages in the optimum way to enthuse partners and ensure channel engagement.
  • Stimulate your partners to action with our proactive outsourced marketing services. We’ll attract and motivate your partners with high-touch yet cost-effective interaction.
  • Get it done. We’ll take care of the details that can make all the difference but don’t fit into your day job. We’ll make it happen. 

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