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Pipeline Advancement

Do you create and distribute sales leads to your sales channel or direct sales teams, never to hear of them again? Do you suspect that a valuable pipeline is going to waste? Whether you operate a direct sales force, or an indirect channel, ensure your lead generation investment is protected using our pipeline advancement services.

Technology sales leads are created in many different ways, but they all have one thing in common: they’ve cost you money. Whether you invest in Lead Generation campaigns, trade shows, IT marketing for your web site or a variety of other activities, you don’t want your efforts going to waste.

EIMS recognizes your sales leads are precious. We also know that hard-won opportunities can easily slip away and be lost to the competition. Perhaps the problem is a temporary breakdown in communication between the marketing and sales departments, or maybe your technology sales leads are rejected and forgotten because your channel sales partners are simply too focused on the current quarter’s targets and don’t have the time and motivation to build tomorrow’s pipeline. Or perhaps opportunities are not being updated properly in your CRM system to reflect reality, making it impossible to report a demonstrable ROI for your channel marketing spend. 

EIMS helps you to close the loop with a number of powerful pipeline advancement services such as end-user audits to help you understand the quality of follow up that has occurred, on-going pipeline evaluation to spot the ‘value leaks’ in your pipeline and make intelligent suggestions about what to do about it or by calling your sales people and channel partners to trace exactly what the status of a sales lead is.

Depending on what we find we will offer to re-engage opportunities that are still active, escalate issues of prospect satisfaction,  take back longer-term opportunities that require further Nurturing and offer to help update systems or report back what we find so that you can drive changes in IT lead generation behaviour internally.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Enjoy greater sales success. Make the most of your IT leads.
  • Generate more motivation. Visibility of where leads are and what the next action is helps you drive positive follow up
  • Optimize performance. Set rules and deadlines for how quickly your sales people should act on leads.
  • Do it efficiently. Use our automated tools to trigger emails to managers when failures occur.
  • Discover what happened. Learn how to do it better next time. 
  • Prevent political arguments. EIMS offers a professional service that will make things better, not worse. We’ll highlight ‘value leaks’ in your pipeline with tact but won’t shy away from ensuring issues are made visible and fixed.

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