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Event Management

Are your events more vanity than sanity? Do they stress you out, and give you poor or un-measurable results in return? Turn your customer events into profit. Swap stress for streamlining, and business cards for genuine leads.

Sometimes your events prove to be a magnificent, wonderful…waste. They cost vast sums of money, drain your time and resources, and ultimately deliver little more than a bowl of random business cards that are ignored until they go cold [if they were ever hot]. Sometimes your event goes smoothly, but not enough hot prospects turn up. Perhaps this is because you left it too late to get a slot in their diary, or because you pushed what you wanted to say, not what they wanted to hear, or maybe because you didn’t target the right audience.

Properly organized events can provide a unique and cost-effective opportunity to create a ‘buzz’ among a large target audience in a short space of time. However, making events succeed requires long-term planning, an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and expertise in execution. The problem is: you don’t have anyone you can trust to run with it, without spending even more time explaining it to them than you would doing it yourself. EIMS gives you the people, processes and time to ensure your events pay their way. We provide you with interactive tools that manage the process end-to-end, so you can relax in the knowledge things are running smoothly, saving you hours of admin time while working intelligently. We can also provide the web-based tools separately if you want to run more professional events yourself.

Ultimately you’ll generate more genuine leads that deliver greater value to your sales people.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Peace of mind. Because we have the expertise, experience, processes and resources to ensure a successful event, you know we’ll do it right.
  • End-to-end assistance to keep your event management on track to achieve crucial timings, without leaving you in the lurch.
  • Discover the hot topics your prospects want to know about before the event - and the best locations to attract the biggest audience, using our data mining and analysis services.
  • Be in time. The structured, organized approach and online tools will help you to book the ideal events, speakers and other resources - before your prospects’ diaries fill up.
  • Make it happen predictably and reliably. Our easy-to-use web-based software will enable you to mail/email invitations, and automatically ensure responses are promptly and professionally handled using a range of response handling mechanisms.
  • Easily and automatically manage responses. The system tracks web responses and emails, and EIMS agents can provide both your inbound and outbound call handling services, and use the combination of their expertise and the persuasiveness of personal contact to encourage attendance.
  • Maximize responses. The system generates a custom event web site, complete with online registration forms, agenda, maps and response mechanisms. Everything is made as easy and automatic as possible for respondees, so that they turn into attendees.
  • Minimize administration. As the event takes place, a simple mouse-click allows you to register attendees, generate name badges, and follow-up non-attendees with minimal effort.
  • Effective follow-up. Intelligent features and processes ensure each prospect is qualified, and sales follow-up optimized, both during and after the event.
  • Integrated follow-up. Once the event is over, you can use our system to track leads back into your business, following up on delegates that attended, as well as generating latent interest from those who missed the event, or you can export them into your own CRM.
  • Staff the stands: If you have an ongoing, retained relationship with us, we can even provide qualified personnel to staff your exhibition stand, with as much enthusiasm as your field sales people [if not more!], and more skill and knowledge than temporary staff. But if we do this for you, you have to promise not to steal our staff!

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