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Demand Generation

So you want to improve your revenues? Is your sales pipeline light? Do you need more IT sales leads or to improve your close rates? Whatever you need, you are in the right place. Demand generation is at the core of what we do, and you can trust EIMS to do the job right. 

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EIMS demand generation is the cornerstone of our IT marketing services portfolio. We provide industry-specific expertise, targeting tools and the high quality professionals needed to pack your sales pipeline with the prospects you want.

Our unique expertise in technology marketing and IT demand generation means that our services are highly sought after by clients all over the world. Using our service means that your sales professionals have the information and resources to be able to conduct meaningful sales, not lightweight information requests. We combine our outbound IT telemarketing skills with communications technology and database marketing expertise to maximize results and efficiency. Equally we can support you in driving inbound traffic via our media buying service delivering you de-duplicated and tele-verified web leads that actually turn into a qualified pipeline.

Our clients tell us they have improved sales productivity by 20-30% by using the EIMS approach. This is because the quality of our technology sales generation services made better use of their sales people’s time. Time is precious and we know this better than anyone. We also know that our approach works; over and over, delivering highly consistent as well as outstanding results. As an industry leading IT telemarketing demand generation company, why not see what our clients say! 

Key benefits of using our IT demand generation services:

  • Provide your sales team with highly qualified, ‘sales-ready’ leads.
  • Provide your sales team with more time to follow up real business opportunities, rather than qualifying leads!
  • Design highly focused key account targeting campaigns to break open new business in your chosen verticals, geo’s or even specific organisations.
  • Protect your credibility. Our expertise and focus in the technology industry ensures you engage potential prospects with the right messages in the right way. You can entrust your reputation and success to our experienced telemarketers and sales professionals. 

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