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Outbound Tele Services

Is your sales pipeline light? Do you need more leads or to improve your close rates? Do you want to break out specific target accounts or scan the market to identify the low hanging fruit? Whatever you need, you are in the right place. Lead Generation is at the core of what we do, and you can trust EIMS to do the job right.

EIMS outbound tele services are the most effective way of breaking open specific accounts, once you have a clear idea of who you want to target. Not everybody responds to your demand creation activities yet that doesn’t mean they aren’t a good prospect. Maybe they don’t like e-mail, maybe they never received it, maybe they have a business pain but don’t associate your company with the solving it. Proactive outbound activity is by far the most cost effective way of identifying with certainty who has an active project and who doesn’t.

Whether you want to quickly scan SMB companies or you need to break open complex enterprise target accounts EIMS can help. We combine highly trained, professional lead generation agents with proven methodologies in order to create high quality, sales-ready leads that will genuinely make your sales teams go WOW! What you’ll get from us is detailed, accurate and insightful leads that are presented in a format that helps sales people get to the critical information quickly. Our agents are trained beyond that of a traditional telemarketing agent so that they are often asking the kind of questions your sales people might ask at first visit- the result is we kick out the kind of leads that lesser agencies might push through.

Our approach to IT lead generation is simple- by putting through only genuine, high quality leads and by building strong relationships with your sales team more leads are followed up with greater energy which means that ultimately you win more business. Don’t take our word for it request one of our many case studies and hear how we’ve helped transform our clients lead generation results right across the globe. 

Key benefits of using our Outbound Tele Services

  • Fill your sales pipeline with new, highly qualified prospects.
  • Enable your direct sales people to do what they do best: sell and increase your revenue.
  • Turn even the most cynical sales people into marketing advocates!
  • Increase market share in a highly targeted way by breaking into specific companies, verticals or countries.

Contact us for more details about this service or if you’re looking for Lead Generation to support your channel partners go to our channel services section and understand how we’ve developed lead generation services that are specifically tailored to cope with the unique challenges of an indirect model.

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