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When you do demand generation, are some of the valuable opportunities you identify too early in the sales cycle for field sales engagement? Are sales leads being lost or forgotten because they won’t close this quarter? Timing is everything. We’ll help you make the right moves at the right time to secure the sale. Even if it takes 18 months or more, we won’t forget.

However good your marketing machine and your sales force, there’s one factor you cannot control: exactly when the customer is going to purchase. Delayed decisions, budget cuts and new priorities all conspire to extend your sales cycle.

Consequently, there’s often a mismatch between the quarterly focus of your sales people and your customer’s procurement process. You can miss out on lead generation opportunities either by contacting prospects and sales leads too early [and then letting the lead go cold] or contacting them too late, when your competition is already in pole position. 

Our Nurturing Service gives you the best of both worlds. You don’t have to engage too early and waste precious sales resources, but neither will we let you leave your IT leads until it’s too late. We’ll keep prospects ‘warm’ from end to end, to ensure you don’t miss out - even if it takes 18 months to make the lead sales-ready. 

Nurturing is a process which requires skill and systems to do well, as well as lead management. We’ll put in place a communications strategy that is appropriate for each type of IT sales lead, be it low-value or high-value. Our systems ensure that regular touches, through multiple channels, keep the lead warm and move it along through the sales engagement process, without forgetting. When the prospect is ready to engage with field sales, we hand the lead back to the field: nurtured, qualified, and sales-ready.

We’ve found this approach is highly cost-effective, typically producing 20-30% more value from your existing sales leads - at a fraction of the cost of trying to generate new ones.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Drive more value from your existing IT leads and increase your sales.
  • Trust us to keep your longer-term leads ‘warm’, re-qualify them and hand them back to your sales team when they’re ready.
  • Don’t pay twice and duplicate your efforts by generating ‘new’ sales leads - only to discover they are the same clients you contacted six months ago. We’ll take them off your hands, and send them back to you when they’re ready for sales engagement.

Contact us for more details about this service by calling +44 1202 555533 or email enquiries@eims.biz.

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