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Response Management

Are you spending hundreds of thousands on driving inbound traffic but struggling to ensure fast and effective follow up? Is there a break between a prospect raising their hand and sales engagement occurring? Has the number of IT sales lead sources multiplied to make it even more complex to ensure a smooth and integrated IT telemarketing follow up process?

In today’s world most vendors generate initial enquires or hand raisers from a multitude of sources, such as social media, events, web enquires, inbound calls, direct mail, e-mail, partner referrals, media, PR, click to chat and more. The speed of change has been fast and many vendors have struggled to keep up and maintain a fast, effective and integrated response management strategy. EIMS can help with their multi-channel, integrated response management solutions that ensure that each IT telemarketing enquiry is de-duped, tele-verified and handed over to your sales team at the point that it’s ready for sales engagement. The EIMS telemarketing approach ensures that your prospects get the initial experience that you would be proud to attach to your brand.

By measuring each channel’s effectiveness all the way to closed revenue and giving you the power to report ROI by lead source, EIMS will also help you improve the effectiveness of your demand creation activities over time meaning that you will be able to make savings further back in your technology marketing processes.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Get more value from your demand creation activities: by ensuring slick follow up of your IT telemarketing enquiries.
  • Improve the quality of your targeting: by tracking ROI by lead source and being able to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Improve your win rates: by creating fast and high quality interaction with your prospects from day one.
  • Make more out of your social media strategy by linking your social media efforts with your sales engagement process without breaking the principles of social media!

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