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What do you do when IT sales leads are not progressing quickly enough? Or you need to scale sales quickly to address a market opportunity? Or you need to increase sales but you lack the head count quota to give you the coverage you need?

EIMS’ Inside Sales service goes the extra mile, whether that means providing on-going support for your enterprise field-sales team to make them more productive or building you a full quota carrying inside-sales team to take opportunities all the way to close.

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EIMS is a global company with experienced and highly capable B2B IT sales people who are trained in the latest sales methodologies from SPIN to NLP based selling techniques. We understand the technology marketing and IT sales process from start to finish and can support at each stage from Demand Creation, to Lead Generation right the way through to Quota Carrying Inside Sales where we take opportunities all the way to close. Meaning that if you want to you can outsource the whole marketing and sales process to us.

We cover over 30 languages which give you the power to set up an inside sales program covering any geo and achieve consistent, predictable and impressive sales results in each country! Culturally EIMS has high levels of process discipline and well as established housekeeping rules so that every single opportunity will have a clear status, % likelihood and accurate valuation giving you the ability to get an accurate sales forecast at the push of a button! We also have our own Lead Tracking Systems and sales desk support if that’s what is needed, and we are expert users of SalesForce as well as several other leading CRM tools if you prefer for us to work within an instance of your system. 

There are several types of Inside Sales support that EIMS can provide: 

  • For high value and highly complex sales processes that require a field sales model we can help by providing Sales Desk Support which is effectively a buddy system for your sales people. This Inside Sales service makes your team more productive by helping beyond this initial lead creation to ensure high quality meeting preparation, intelligence gathering and post first-meeting action management.  
  • Where the deal size and sales process lends it to an inside sales model we will gladly take on the entire sales process and take opportunities from Lead Generation through to close, delivering you a hard revenue number. EIMS Quota Carrying Inside Sales service gives you a highly effective way of scaling your technology sales coverage. 
  • Selling is not just about winning net new business it’s also about maximising your existing customer base potential. EIMS can help here too with our Renewals Management capability which helps you maximise the retention, cross-sell and up-sell opportunity within your existing customer base.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Increase sales effectiveness. Focus your Enterprise field sales teams on the deals that will close this quarter, without forgetting the deals that will fill tomorrow’s pipeline. 
  • Scale quickly and effectively. Let us carry some of your quota for you. 
  • Increase sales success. Be sure to engage your prospects and existing customers at the right time in the sales-cycle, with the right messages, using the right medium to get the most cost-effective result.

Contact us and ask for our Quota Carrying Inside Sales Service to find out more about how we can help you, or call us on +44 1202 555533.

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