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Are you struggling to get a consistent flow of relevant enquires in sufficient volume? Do you suffer from mixed quality of marketing enquires? Do enquires currently go to waste because your demand gen activities create peaks and troughs in traffic that your sales teams can’t cope with? Does your sales team require feeding with more, better quality leads? 

Most companies generate demand in many different ways; social media, events, e-mail broadcasts, traditional direct mail, media adverting, PR and more. Few know which source delivers them the best return, few can say with confidence which they should invest more in and which should they stop investment in altogether. EIMS’ approach to IT sales demand generation keeps the end goal front of mind, i.e. what is the total cost of generating a well qualified pipeline from end-to-end and how can that be continuously improved?

Our lead demand generation services help you to create incremental inbound demand using our risk-free Webleads+ solution, boosting your Response Management and lead Nurturing in order to drive up your conversion rate. As an industry expert when it comes to IT lead generation we're confident we can work with you to generate high-value enquiries.
By measuring the effectiveness of each lead source right the way to closed revenue we give you the power to report ROI by demand gen activity. EIMS will help you refine the effectiveness of your technology marketing activities over time, helping you to identify savings through this process.
The only bit EIMS doesn’t do is the creative. We’re not built that way, but we understand its value and have excellent creative partners with a proven track record in the technology space. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Create incremental demand for your products, solutions and services by employing EIMS to tap into underutilised channels for demand creation.
  • Reduce duplicate enquiries with EIMS’ de-duplication process - only pay for unique leads.
  • Get more bang for your buck by pooling your marketing and sales spend with one partner and benefit from a more holistic approach to achieving the best return for your spend.    
  • Flatten the flow of enquires and maximise your chances of a high quality sales engagement by using EIMS’ proven IT lead generation techniques to smooth out troughs in inbound traffic.

Contact us for more details about this service or click through to our Response Management service to see how you could combine our demand gen services with an integrated approach to ensuring a smooth sales engagement.

For more information on how to Generate Demand, give us a call on +44 1202 555533, email us at enquiries@eims.biz, or find out more about Webleads+ here.


Case Studies

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  • Polycom - Lead Generation, Inbound/Outbound Hybrid Solution

    Polycom - Lead Generation, Inbound/Outbound Hybrid Solution

    Understand how EIMS combined Inbound response management and outbound technology lead generation services to deliver highly impressive pipeline numbers year on year

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