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Other Services

EIMS has developed a rich and mature set of supporting services that enable us to deliver you outstanding results from our core services. These services help us work smarter for you so that you get unbeatable value and reduce the overall cost of your program. For example, if we can help you spend less on lead generation or partner recruitment by improving targeting, then we will.

Data Services

Data matters, because targeting matters. Targeted data can halve your costs, and double your results. Data is your most important direct-marketing asset; more important than creative, how many calls a day your telemarketers make, or even the quality of your marketing message. Use our Data Services to keep your data in tip-top shape, so your direct marketing makes more money with less effort. Click here for an overview of the Data Services available through EIMS.

Market Intelligence

Valuable insights will help to shape your next move. Gain a deeper understanding of your markets, customers and opportunities with EIMS’ Market Intelligence services. EIMS provides independent research to give you confidence in your next move, to overcome political barriers to change, and to enhance your decision-making. We use proven methodologies and a powerful range of services to find out what you really need to know.

Systems & Tools

When people-power isn’t enough, you need tools to improve your productivity or effectiveness. EIMS’ Systems & Tools have been developed over many years with the channel, sales, and marketing channel process front of mind, delivering tools that work and that are simple to use.

Contact us for more details about any of the above services or browse the website for more information.

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