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Are your people doing the best they can with the tools they have? Is your performance starting to plateau? Do you need a system that serves the needs of marketers as well as those of sales and finance? Do you want a one-stop-shop solution for your channel?

When people-power isn’t enough, you need tools to improve your productivity or effectiveness. Use our scalable, value-for-money tools to help you track and manage the entire sales and marketing process [or any of its parts].

These days, nobody wants to learn ‘yet another’ system, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do if you want to win. EIMS will give you systems that work. Our tools have a short learning curve, so that you can roll them out quickly and easily, with minimal resistance and maximum results. They can even be ‘skinned’ to look like part of your own internal systems or partner portal.

EIMS have been providing tools to build and enhance sales, marketing and channels programs since 1996, and we’ve become experts in optimizing the marketing and sales cycle. We provide the right tools for the job, including:

Partner Storefront

  • Put in place a web-based marketing storefront that makes it super-easy for your partners to spend their MDF with you and execute tried and tested campaigns. Make available tried and tested marketing and training packages [and any other package you want to] which your partners can buy and execute via your partner storefront- you can even allow partners to rate the various plays they run!

Web Reporting

  • Unsurpassed 24/7 access to timely, incisive channel information, so your finger is always on the pulse.

Lead Tracking

  • Closed-loop control of the entire sales cycle - for you and your resellers - to ensure you can see what happens to your leads, and then take action to improve it.

Campaign Tracking

  • Complete, end-to-end management of your channel marketing campaigns, with integrated tools for every stage of the process, from planning to order-handling. Leverage the #1 system designed for the channel marketer. Designed with the needs of the channel partner in mind, allowing you to connect with your partner community, without the security and licensing headaches of opening up your salesforce.com or in-house CRM system.

All of these tools are available individually, or as a suite of seamlessly integrated modules, to handle everything from channel recruitment, and business planning through MDF and marketing, to lead tracking and deal registration, right through to supporting the sale and simplifying the ordering process.

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