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About us

EIMS was founded in 1996 - a time when marketing in the ICT industry was being centralised to save cost, but still required a local touch to be effective. EIMS was formed by a team of sales and marketing professionals working for major enterprises in the IT industry who saw a need for a high-quality, multilingual marketing and business development agency specialising in the high-tech marketplace.

We exist to help technology vendors grow their sales revenues globally by delivering world-class demand generation, sales and channel programs. 

What makes us tick

Ever wondered why all EIMS employees share the same ethos of hard work and high quality? Discover the adopted mindset which drives us in helping you to do business faster, better, and cheaper.

The secrets behind our success

Where we are based

Our rapidly-growing global outreach spans from our expert-driven offices in the UK, Spain, New Zealand and the US, delivering professional business solutions in over 30 languages.

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Today EIMS is a recognised market-leader in our chosen field with an established international presence and global coverage. We constantly strive to stay at the top of our game because it motivates us to know that we are the kind of agency you want. We offer you the best quality, the minimum hassle, the maximum convenience, for a cost-effective price.

The cornerstones of our culture are integrity and quality, which we deliberately built into the company from the ground up, because we wanted to build an agency you can trust, because that’s the kind of agency we wanted when we were in your position. We pride ourselves on taking a genuine partnership approach and believe that the fact that many of our original customers are still customers today speaks volumes about our approach to what we do.

EIMS in numbers

Our purpose in life is to help technology companies to sell better, faster and more effectively than they would do without us. With over 20 years doing this, see how we can help you grow.

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General Manager, Business UK Corporate

"This is the first third party I have trusted with my customers, which is a big deal! I needn't have worried, EIMS have been excellent, and a natural extension to my team."

Head of US SSD Sales, Samsung Business Division

"EIMS has been invaluable to the launch of the US SSD business for Samsung, helping us launch the business in 2010 and growing it to over 40% market share by 2016. they're not just a partner, but totally integrated into our value chain."