EIMS: Our Culture, Vision & Values

Culture, Vision & Values

The ROI people

The ROI people

We are 100% dedicated to helping our clients do business faster, better, cheaper than they could do without us. What’s more we aim to help them achieve strategic objectives such as entrance to a new market, building a channel, or deploying a demand center that might otherwise seem out of their immediate reach.

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Employees; the backbone of our culture

Employees; the backbone of our culture

In order to ‘be the best’ for our clients, we invest in helping our employees be the best they can be. Part of this is demanding the highest standards, so if you join us you’ll always be challenged and stimulated. Our industry-envied EIMS university will prepare you for the challenges ahead and develop your knowledge and skills. In return for your hard work and achievement you’ll have opportunities to advance. EIMS is an environment of mutual respect, no matter what the job title. We want you to do a job that you can be proud of, in a company you are proud to work for, with people that you are proud to work with. We want our clients to experience a professional and personal service that doesn’t just meet expectations, but exceeds them! Our culture and our people are core to that goal. 

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Our core values

We believe that our vision will only be realised if we maintain client success as our highest priority. But that is not enough, in addition, common values guide our priorities and bind us to a shared perspective. The result is reduced waste from indecision, and a powerful momentum that is evidenced in our client’s success, their satisfaction with our services, and ultimately of course our own success. We are aligned around 5 Core Values.


Our mission is making our clients successful first, with our own success a by-product. We build partnerships with our clients and we deliver what we say we will. We seek to over achieve wherever we can.


Focus, hard-work and specialism help us provide the best value in the time we have available. We care about what we do and what we achieve. We do not support a blame culture: we take personal responsibility for our actions.

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We do the ‘right thing’ in the best interests of our client and our long-term relationship with them. Our behaviour and our words will be congruent and consistent. We will: bravely, but tactfully confront brutal truths when needed. We will be trustworthy in everything we do.


We push the boundaries of what can be achieved. We challenge the market through a culture of continuous improvement. Even when results are great, we look to make them better. Our aim is not just to stay relevant to our clients but to give them an edge.

Client Value

We focus on achieving positive outcomes for our clients, not simply doing agreed activities. Delivering the best return we can, taking into consideration all factors that are important to our client.