Why Consider Outsourcing?

Tim Smith

Managing Director, Global HQ

The decision to outsource core business development activities such as lead generation, channel development and even sales desk functions is nearly always set to divide opinions; typically between those that have had a bad previous experience and those that have had a good one.

No doubt there are good and bad agencies out there and a key ingredient to success is choosing the right partner.  We’ll be releasing a second white paper shortly on this particular subject - ‘The inside-track on how to test, evaluate and select a truly excellent partner’.

Putting aside agency selection for a moment, if you do find an excellent agency partner, there are some very attractive benefits to an outsourced model.  Here’s our top 6:

  1. Measurability
  2. Scalability [without internal headcount]
  3. Flexibility
  4. Control
  5. Speed of Implementation
  6. Reduced Risk