EIMS: Leadership Roles Jobs for a Career in IT Leads

Leadership Roles

As a fast-growing, international player, we are always looking for the leaders of tomorrow. Join our team and unlock your leadership potential

Inside Sales Leader

Clients entrust EIMS to bring them sales revenue. In doing this, our clients are outsourcing a function upon which their reputation and commercial success depends; this is a great expression of trust and faith in EIMS. The Inside Sales Lead role owns this responsibility in its entirety, and manages resources under their control to get the job done with the minimum oversight, and to deliver “hassle-free” revenue to the client.

Performance Manager

Just as a high-performance engine needs constant tuning, so our teams need constant management to be at their best. The purpose of this role is to optimise the efficiency and performance of our business development teams to achieve or overachieve the objectives of the client. A key role in delivering client value.

Operations Manager

The purpose of this role is to ensure the smooth running of EIMS regional operations in both quality of delivery and productivity. Ultimately accountable for the overall operational effectiveness within a specified business unit (UK, Spain, US, NZ) as measured by EIMS operational key performance indicators (KPIs). The role requires a high level of competence in process optimisation, business operational control and reporting.

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