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We deliver solutions that address needs across the entire sales and marketing process. Tell us your area of interest and we will direct you to a service that best fits your needs.

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End-To-End Solution

End-To-End Solution

The majority of waste in any process is at the hand off points.  EIMS focuses on joining people, process and technology in a smart way to reduce disconnects and inefficiencies in the sales and marketing process. By taking a methodical, scientific approach to waste elimination EIMS helps its clients achieve outstanding productivity gains through a process of continuous and relentless improvement.


Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Whether you need to accelerate your demand centre strategy, improve your return on digital marketing or generate opportunities inside your most wanted target accounts, EIMS can help.  Leveraging 20 years of experience across the Demand Generation stack and a deep understanding of the sales and marketing process to give you a genuine competitive advantage.


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Inside Sales

Inside Sales

Use our Inside Sales Services to take leads through to close, and improve your sales productivity and reach.  Whether you want to enter new markets globally or achieve a lower cost of sale our quota carrying outsourced sales teams can make it happen.  Whatever you need, the result is the same; closed revenue on a plate.

Take leads to close
Channel Services

Channel Services

Our Channel Services can support your channel strategy at every stage of maturity, whether you need to recruit new partners, scale your channel management coverage or achieve better ROI on your partner marketing. Our approach slices through all the usual barriers so you get an effective return on channel investment.


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General Manager, Business UK Corporate

"This is the first third party I have trusted with my customers, which is a big deal! I needn't have worried, EIMS have been excellent, and a natural extension to my team."

IBM Oracle
Oracle Alliance Executive, EMEA

"EIMS have delivered outstanding quality on this campaign and continue to do so. From day one, EIMS demonstrated their professionalism and dedication to ensure they delivered the highest quality lead possible. This has enabled me to roll out this campaign across Europe."