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Build, energise and grow your channel revenues. From outsourced Channel Management to high yield partner marketing.

More Channel Impact

Consider our Channel Services if your Channel revenue is weak, carries risk through dependency on too few partners, or if you simply want to scale your channel activities and do more with less. Our end-to-end channel services can support you in finding hard to recruit new partners and ensure that they actually deliver revenue. Our channel management capabilities enable a more impactful connection with your partners, even at scale, making it possible to grow all tiers of partners cost effectively. EIMS’s partner marketing services help you leverage your channel effectively to create demand. Always with an eye on delivering measurable ROI, our specialist programs cut to the chase and help you achieve against your channel objectives.

Build a more successful channel
Build a more successful channel

Find and recruit partners that share common objectives and fit your future channel needs. Recruit new partners with the capability to sell an evolving portfolio or fill identified gaps in your geo coverage. On board partners in a slick way and engage immediately in a partner program that differentiates you from your competition.

Scale Channel Management
Scale Channel Management

Expand your coverage and engage more effectively with more of your channel partners. Identify future star performers and invest in those most likely to give you a return. Turn dormant or declining partners into double digit growth by showing previously unmanaged partners the “the love”. Incubate new partners to predictable revenue success.

Break open new geos
Break open new geos

Benefit from our global language coverage and local market expertise in order to expand into new geos. Whether you need to find and incubate new partners, drive demand or improve your channel management coverage our global capability can help you scale your Channel Programs in a predictable and consistent way.

Partner Marketing with an ROI
Partner Marketing with an ROI

Get Marketing Development Funds spent on time and in a way that delivers a demonstrable ROI. Unleash the power of EIMS’ Partner Demand Centre to massively scale partner engagement and productivity. Turn indifferent partners into loyal repeat buyers by being easy to do business with and helping partners grow their own business

Channel Services

Channel Services

We help our clients realise their channel strategy, from identifying where improvements can be made, to actually making them happen. We support with partner recruitment, improve enablement, feed partners with high quality sales leads, deliver 'to' and 'through' partner marketing, or if needed implement entirely outsourced Channel Management programs.

We provide the tools and people infrastructure to support effective partner engagement. In short, if it’s a channel problem you’re trying to solve then we can help!

Advance your channel

Think global, act global

Think global, act global

We support over 30 languages, giving our customers the power and reach to implement channel initiatives globally. We aren’t tied up with bureaucracy, and there’s no waste; just channel programs implemented smoothly across all geographies and partners which means you get more done with your partners on time and within budget, while delivering consistently outstanding results. If you think it’s too good to be true, why not see what our clients had to say?

Channel Services

Today, vendors like you must compete for the attention of premier-league resellers. But why should these top players devote their time to listening to your business proposition? Gone are the days when potential partners queued at your door just because you had the best product, the best price or offered the best margins.

That’s where we come in. We help you to ensure that the ideal partners will hear your compelling message through the most effective medium. Our channel experience enables you to benefit from a targeted and cost-effective Partner Recruitment strategy to drive up quality.

We’ll identify, profile, and qualify your best potential channel partners, win them over with your business proposition, qualify their suitability and then pass them to your Channel Manager or your Outsourced Channel Management team, ready for on-boarding and Partner Enablement.

The bottom line is, if your channel partners are not generating enough pipeline to deliver your channel strategy and meet revenue goals, it’s time to work out why and what to do about it. Whether it’s a lack of product knowledge or low channel marketing activity, whether it’s a lack of sales skills, or lack of loyalty, we can help you discover what’s wrong and our Channel Enablement solutions support you in taking the appropriate action. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Manage your channel partners’ knowledge and skills more effectively.
  • Maintain and update enabling content to keep ahead of your competition. 
  • Quickly identify weaknesses so you can fix them fast. 
  • React to changes in the market with rapid and effective impact.
  • Revitalize the channel strategy with a new sense of purpose and hunger for success.
  • Get the best from each reseller by letting us unlock their potential.

Do you want your lower-tier partners to be more productive? Or maybe you are struggling to find a cost-effective way to engage and manage your lower tier partners? Do you need a consistent and accurate channel sales forecast from your partners? Whatever the issue, our Channel Management can fill the gap.

We evaluate your channel partners to establish which hold the most promising potential for growth and which are aligned with your business goals. We help the partners understand how to build and progress their business, removing any barriers to success and capturing pipeline along the way. Our team of highly trained, passionate channel professionals contact your partners regularly on your behalf, so you don’t have to. The result is a happier, more active, more secure channel, delivering predictable growth. 

EIMS deliver an agreed percentage of growth for the segment of channel partners that we manage.

Sometimes there’s no substitute for the personal touch to get your channel partners engaged but how to do that across hundreds or even thousands of partners? We solve the problem with highly refined, efficient partner marketing services and systems that work effectively, even in SMB where partners may have very limited marketing resource.

Our partner marketing specialists deliver a concierge service and EIMS’s Partner Demand Centre makes it easy for partners to order campaigns. Our reporting means you always know exactly where you stand with your partner marketing resulting in the most effective use of vendor and partner funding and a demonstrable ROI. With pre-approved and proven ‘out of the box’ marketing campaigns including appointment setting, content syndication, social media and live event support delivered by a portfolio of trusted agencies, we make it easy for your partners to do business with you.

Managing one business is tough enough but trying to influence hundreds of others to align around a common set of goals and activities can seem daunting.  One of the issues is a capacity to cover multiple languages and cultures across the globe and deliver an excellent and consistent partner experience as you recruit, enable and grow the relationships and channel programs. EIMS Smart Technology for Channel Services enables us to support our clients in reaching a wider partner base, engaging deeper in the channel community to amplify the vendor profile and drive a consistent partner experience.  Our technology captures and reports on all channel activity and makes it easy for partners to engage and increases our clients return on channel investment

Channel Marketing Manager, Eaton PQO

"Our Eaton team at EIMS has been instrumental in helping us achieve continous growth in key market segments. The secret is the team's work ethic, product knowledge and EIMS methodologies that deliver results while fostering innovation and continous improvement!"

Head of US SSD Sales, Samsung Business Division

"EIMS has been invaluable to the launch of the US SSD business for Samsung, helping us launch the business in 2010 and growing it to over 40% market share by 2016. they're not just a partner, but totally integrated into our value chain."

Channel Services