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Demand Generation

Full stack demand generation from digital to targeted outbound. You can trust EIMS to do the job right.

Increase demand for your products and services around the globe

Demand Generation is the cornerstone of our services portfolio. EIMS Demand Centre and digital marketing connected to response management services can pack your sales pipeline with the sales ready leads you want.

Increase Sales Productivity
Increase Sales Productivity

Provide your sales team with more time to follow up real business opportunities, rather than qualifying leads that won’t progress.

Account Based Targeting
Account Based Targeting

Break open targeted accounts and new markets.

Protect your Credibility
Protect your Credibility

Our experienced professionals and focus on the technology industry ensure you engage prospects with the right messages in the right way.

Increase Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
Increase Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Ensure an effective connection between Marketing and Sales to maximise pipeline contribution.

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Not to give all our secrets away, but our approach combines Digital Marketing with intelligently connected Response Management and Outbound.  The result is reduced waste at hand off points and more impact.  In short, no more leaky funnels and no more wasted leads. And we can do it all in over 30 languages.

Get more leads


Improved productivity & increased sales comes as standard

Improved productivity & increased sales comes as standard

The bottom line is our clients tell us they have improved sales productivity by 20-30% using our approach. This is because the quality of our demand generation services makes better use of sales people’s time. Our approach works; over and over, delivering consistent as well as outstanding results, but don’t just take our word for it, discover what our valued clients had to say about us.

Demand Generation

EIMS Demand Centre is deployed by clients to accelerate and scale demand generation activity, globally.  It is used by vendors as a demand engine for their own field and corporate marketing functions and sometimes deployed to enable their partner channel.

EIMS Demand Centre delivers multiple ‘plays’, from tactical lead generation campaigns to more complex integrated campaigns designed and executed through your marketing automation stack. The Demand Centre gives you complete transparency of activity in plan and in market, reporting outcomes and ROI and gives your sales and marketing teams a ‘click to buy’ demand generation service. The result is more effective use of campaign budgets leveraging standard process, pre-approved and proven ‘out of the box’ marketing campaigns and ‘best in class’ demand generation tactics.

Are you struggling to ensure consistently fast and effective follow up of enquiries and conversion to pipeline or attribution to marketing tactics?

Most vendors generate initial enquires from a multitude of sources, such as social media, events, web enquires, inbound calls, direct mail, email, partner referrals, media, PR, click to chat and more.

Speed of change and complexity has meant that many vendors have struggled to keep up and maintain an effective and integrated response management strategy.

EIMS Response management teams ensure that each enquiry is de-duped, tele-verified and handed over to your sales team at the point that it’s ready for sales engagement. Our telemarketing approach ensures that your prospects have an initial experience that you would be proud to attach to your brand.

Effective Response management not only increases conversion to revenue but by measuring each channel’s effectiveness you have the power to report ROI by lead source. This can help justify and inform your investment in demand creation activities.

Not everyone will respond to your demand creation activities or find you in a search, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a good prospect. Perhaps they do have a business problem but don’t associate your company with being able to solve it.

Proactive and targeted telemarketing is a highly cost-effective way of identifying with certainty who has an active project and who doesn’t. and a great way to break into specific accounts.

We combine highly trained, professional lead generation agents with proven methodologies to create high quality, sales-ready leads that will genuinely make your sales teams go WOW!

Our approach to hi-tech lead generation is simple- by putting through only genuine, high quality leads and by building strong relationships with your sales team more leads are followed up with greater energy which means that ultimately you win more business.

However good your marketing machine and sales force, there’s one factor you cannot control: exactly when the customer is going to purchase. Delayed decisions, budget cuts and new priorities all conspire to extend your sales cycle.

Consequently, there’s often a mismatch between a quarterly focus of your sales people and a prospect’s buying cycle. You can miss out on lead generation opportunities either by contacting prospects too early, and then letting the lead go cold, or too late, when your competition is already in pole position. 

Our Nurturing Service keeps prospects ‘warm’ from end to end even if it takes 18 months before a lead is sales-ready. It requires skill and discipline to do well and a communications strategy appropriate for each type sales lead.

Our systems ensure that regular touches, through multiple channels, keep the lead warm and progress it through the buyer journey. When the prospect is ready to engage with field sales, we hand the lead back to you: nurtured, qualified, and sales-ready.

We’ve found this approach typically produces 20-30% more value from existing sales leads, at a fraction of the cost of trying to generate new ones.

If you are frustrated because there is a break in the follow up process, where good leads are not converting into successful sales engagement, then you need our Appointment Setting services.

Salespeople are short of time, so after a few failed attempts at appointment setting, even valuable leads can go cold. However, when we arrange these important face-to-face meetings, we don’t give up and make sure valuable opportunities are not lost.

We’ll call the prospect, agree a suitable day and then match this with a time in the sales person’s diary, and reconfirm the appointment nearer the meeting. We recommend questions and provide insight based on what we’ve learnt so far to enable you to make the most of the meeting. The result is a prospect who experiences a continuity that fills them with confidence.

If you need to keep your finger on the pulse, we’ll check progress, report back to you on how many appointments have taken place successfully and reschedule those that didn’t happen.

WebLeads+™ is a hassle-free online lead buying service that delivers both high volume and validated leads on a cost per lead basis.

This means the prospect has signalled interest in your product or service and has given consent to be contacted. We work with you to identify the right prospect criteria and a required lead specification; eliminating waste from the outset.

We have access to over 450,000 publishers worldwide and our advanced validation platform for online generated leads ensures that all leads supplied by multiple publishers are thoroughly verified, de-duplicated and matched to your specification before they reach you.  Never pay twice for the same lead again.

You can use WebLeads+™ as a standalone service or engage with our team to nurture your leads and take them to a sales ready stage.

With highly motivated, and well-trained staff who are made of the right stuff it’s not too hard to deliver a Demand Generation capability around a core set of products or services in a single language. But we don’t do that!  

EIMS deliver in over 30 languages across the globe on behalf of our hi-tech clients.  What’s more we do it to a predictable and consistent high standard.  You just can’t do that, and delight clients, without some clever technology.  

Our tech. platform enables best practice to be captured and optimized and reflects our ethos of ‘Lean Marketing’, reducing waste and accelerating a path to revenue.  It includes unique workflow and process capabilities and underpins our ability to scale and be predictably successful for our clients.  EIMS takes the waste out of the demand generation process to deliver an effective return on your investment.

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VP EMEA Marketing

"EIMS had a keen eye on showing value and being measured against set objectives"

EMEA Regional Demand Centre Senior Manager

"EIMS has demonstrated a solid return on our investment in the lead generation program, upon which they continue to build. They are a valuable part of the marketing mix."

Demand Generation