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We aim to deliver unbeatable value to our clients - take a moment to hear from them about their experiences of working with EIMS

Client testimonials

EIMS has helped many market-leading technology companies to grow their business across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Our sales culture is based around helping our customers build their business. We strive for the improved performance of our customers and a genuine commitment to partnerships. Thanks to this, and more, we've enjoyed very long running customer relationships as well as many new ones - in fact our very first customer is still a client today. Hear from some customers and talk with us today.

Marketing Programs Director, EMEA

"EIMS have, and continue to, provide an excellent service. The cost model is attractive, gives great ROMI and it is great experience for our prospects. "

Channel Marketing Manager, Eaton PQO

"Our Eaton team at EIMS has been instrumental in helping us achieve continous growth in key market segments. The secret is the team's work ethic, product knowledge and EIMS methodologies that deliver results while fostering innovation and continous improvement!"

CA Technologies
VP EMEA Marketing

"EIMS had a keen eye on showing value and being measured against set objectives"

Head of US SSD Sales, Samsung Business Division

"EIMS has been invaluable to the launch of the US SSD business for Samsung, helping us launch the business in 2010 and growing it to over 40% market share by 2016. they're not just a partner, but totally integrated into our value chain."

EMEA Regional Demand Centre Senior Manager

"EIMS has demonstrated a solid return on our investment in the lead generation program, upon which they continue to build. They are a valuable part of the marketing mix."

Director of Sales, High Performance & Secure Systems, EMEA

"EIMS successfully introduced us to a Key Account we wanted to target. Our team have been on the case ever since, and we have already had our first order from them! Thank you!"

Marketing Development Team Manager

"In all my time in call centres, there has only been 2 occassions where I have been really truly moved by how professional and impressive a team are. That was once, many years ago and yesterday. The EIMS Inside Sales Team are brilliant."

VP International Marketing

"What sets EIMS apart is quite simply, the results. We've had some great people working on our account and they have driven great results, and that's the most important thing for me, to justify the investments that we make."

Data Direct Networks
Global Lead Generation Manager

"the quality of EIMS' leads is excellent and we have had some really good opportunities in areas that we would not have otherwise gotten into. EIMS bridge the gap of our field Account managers who didn't have the bandwith to target accounts where they had no relationship."

General Manager, Business UK Corporate

"This is the first third party I have trusted with my customers, which is a big deal! I needn't have worried, EIMS have been excellent, and a natural extension to my team."

Business Director

"The quality of the deliverable, the follow up and the leads have all been well accepted by the business. The team as a whole performed exceptionally well, they have all done a stunning job."

Technical Support Manager

"SharedVue Partners have expressed a resounding happiness with regards to the engagement of the EIMS team. We commend EIMS for the efforts made when it comes to the customer service. EIMS is doing a great job."

Juniper Networks
Director of Marketing Operations, EMEA

"With EIMS one of the key benefits for me are the quality of the agents. They are able to hold a high level, sophisticated conversation around some complex IT challenges and solutions. That's tough to find in a telemarketing agency, and EIMS have it."

EMEA Storage Programs

"The leads received from EIMS are very good. The lead quality that the guys are generating at the moment is absolutely amazing."

Marketing Director

"Overall 72% of PROS' projected business revenue in EMEA is attributed to EIMS generated opportunities. Need I say more?"

Marketing Advisor

"EIMS are expert professionals who have experise and skills in IT. EIMS has proven to be more than just a telemarketing agency through being proactive in providing the right data and getting in touch. I would recommend EIMS to my colleagues as a very skilled and experienced agency."

EMEA Sales Manager

"For me EIMS are a real pleasure to work with starting from the ground up. But it really comes down to the people; the people are great, the level of professionalism that the team presents at all levels is great. You do what you say you're going to do and you do it when you say you're going to do it. We can't ask for anything else."

Director, Global Sales Operations, Strategy & Plans

"I was unconvinced at the start of the project as to whether outsourced Inside Sales operation could really deliver. Now I know that with an EIMS solution you can outsource Inside Sales with confidence and know it will succeed."

IBM Oracle
Oracle Alliance Executive, EMEA

"EIMS have delivered outstanding quality on this campaign and continue to do so. From day one, EIMS demonstrated their professionalism and dedication to ensure they delivered the highest quality lead possible. This has enabled me to roll out this campaign across Europe."

VP Inside Sales, EMEA

"EIMS are obsessed with recruiting the best, getting any language we need and making sure that agent quality is top notch. It's a matter of pride."

Business Solutions Manager

"It's relatively easy to recruit new partners; the real challenge lies in stimulating a loyal trading relationship. The program designed by EIMS is perfectfor facilitating this - and when driven by such a passionate and enthusiastic team, capable of overcoming even the sternest objections, it's a powerful proposition that has received very positive feedback from resellers and distributors alike."

Marketing Communications Manager, EMEA

"EIMS has demonstrated a solid return on our investment in the lead generation program, upon which they continue to build. They are a valuable part of the marketing mix."

Marketing Manager, EMEA

"EIMS are very responsive, proactive and demonstrate a good level of expertise. EIMS truly understand the industry, the sales process and the qualification process. Consequently, the leads we receive are of high quality."

Sales Operations Manager (HK)

‘It’s refreshing that I never have to chase the EIMS team to do their job. They are so responsive and proactive and as an integral part of Blackberry sometimes I have to remind myself that EIMS are actually another company!’

Vice President, Global Sales and Partner Enablement Organization

We selected EIMS because they were the only agency who could provide us with the service quality and language capability we needed on a global level. We’ve been live less than 2 months and already have a six-figure pipeline.

Extreme Networks
Global Channel Marketing

“I consider the EIMS Team to be a valued strategic business partner. They understand our business goals and constantly strive to strengthen our partnership and optimize execution.”

Director, EMEA Marketing

EIMS is the absolute cornerstone of my business, and there is a real positive feeling about EIMS within Symantec. They are streets ahead of anyone else I have ever worked with.

Senior Manager, ANZ Sales

‘In my experience,working with EIMS in terms of skill levels and the way that EIMS is run has been exceptional so far’

VP Worldwide Sales

“We love what EIMS does for us, because recruiting new partners is the lifeblood of our business.”

Blackberry Inside Sales
Vice President, Global Inside Sales

EIMS helps me manage the operational complexity of a global quota carrying inside sales team. Highly responsive to our needs, EIMS delivers consistent processes around the world and continually seeks to increase productivity. EIMS help us deliver our numbers and are focused on meeting our expectations as a client